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Indian Ocean


Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean

As an Ocean that is home to some of the most beautiful tropical beaches on earth, a holiday here is often the literal fulfilment of a dream.

Stretching from Cape Agulhas, South Africa in the West to the Maldives in the East, our destinations here also include the isle of Mauritius and the archepeligo of the Seychelles. Each has their own charm and style and we can advise which is the best for your particular holiday plans, or indeed how you can combine several of these options.

A multi-destination trip combining the Indian Ocean with Africa or the Middle East offers a wonderful opportunity to incorporate both excitement and relaxation in to your holiday, creating an unforgettable time away from home.

We also feature Sri Lanka as a destination and this is becoming an increasingly popular choice for a combined holiday with the Maldives, so just have a look under Asia and see what Sri Lanka has to offer!

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