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The small North African country of Tunisia is just a two and three quarter hour flight from the UK and yet offers the opportunity to bask year-round Meditteranean sunshine and experience a different, yet liberal culture founded on an extraordinary and long history.

With our new programme to this fascinating country, we invite you to look beyond the package holiday resorts to a desert island of a million palms boasting tales of piracy and greek mythology and a capital city bursting with breathtaking views and an equally dramatic past. We concentrate on Tunis and Djerba, a combination of which makes an ideal early Spring or Autumn break, when the weather is still delightfully warm but not so hot that you cannot explore some of the many cultural and historical sites that should ideally form part of a stay here. For an extended trip, visitors can combine these destinations with time in the Sahara Desert, staying in a tented camp or Mountain Oasis, escorted by a private driver and English speaking guide. Intrepid travelers can also consider combining Tunisia with Morocco or even the Middle East to create their own, authentic Arabian Odyssey.

Tunis is a melting pot of cultures with strong influences from Europe and the Middle East yet still undeniably part of the heartbeat of the world, Africa. Carthage showcases the vestiges of Roman settlements including an atmospheric example of a Roman Bath House whilst the Bardo Musuem is home to one of the most staggering arrays of original Mosaic’s in existence that tell wonderful tales of life thousands of years ago. The ancient walled Medina or Old Town is characterized by a maze of souks and has now been classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site whilst the village of Sidi Bou Said, perched on a headland showcases delightful cobbled streets edged by blue and white Moorish villas.

The City makes a wonderful destination for a long weekend, but if you have longer to spare and are seeking time to relax after exploring its’ delights, we recommend taking an internal flight down to the Desert Island of Djerba. Here, it is fabled in Homers Odyssey, after being blown off course on their journey from Troy to Phaeacia, Odysseus’ men ate the fruit of the lotus which caused them to sink into a torpor and it was only with great difficulty that he was able to rouse them to continue on their way. With very little rain, sunshine is the general weather forecast for the most Southerly Meditteranean Resort and the cool breeze welcome. However, beyond the coastline we also recommend spending time in the small capital, Houmt Souk, which features delightful squares where locals and travelers alike can enjoy mint tea under the shade of the orange trees or visit the interesting local market. From the island it is also possible to cross to mainland by a Causeway that dates from the Roman Empire or Ferry to visit Berber troglodyte villages and fortified granaries, also featured in various episodes of Star Wars!

Alternatively fly to Tozeur and spend time at the magical Tamerza Palace, situated in its own Mountain Oasis offering access to a variety of exciting activities including an excursion on the Lezard Rouge train.

After Arabic, French is the most widely spoken language although English is also spoken in Tunis and 5 star hotels elsewhere in the country, but any language hurdles contribute to making travelling here feel more of an adventure! The cuisine is excellent, incorporating Arabic and European flavours, complimented by some enjoyable locally-produced wines.

Weather Chart (Tunis)

Warmer conditions would be anticipated for Djerba which is located further South.

Averages J F M A M J J A S O N D
Avg max daily temp (°C) 14 16 18 21 24 29 32 33 31 25 20 16
Avg min daily temp (°C) 6 7 8 11 13 17 20 21 19 15 11 7
Precipitation (mm) 64 51 41 36 18 8 3 8 33 51 48 61

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